Our fame adds at being a well-known metal scrap importer and supplier. Our popularity extends specifically as, one of India's foremost importers and indenter of Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metal scrap. HMS, Used Rails, Aluminium Scrap, UBC, Brass, Copper, Iron, Stainless Steel are few product names among the wide array of merchandise that we cover. A broad assortment of plastic and paper scrap is also enlisted in our imports and supplies. To facilitate patrons surfacing as metal scrap importer and supplier, we obtain scrap from different countries across the world and deliver them items priced correctly and on the exact time as per necessity.

About Us

Met Asia Pvt. Ltd. is an entrepreneurial metal scrap trading company with extensive ferrous and non-ferrous metal trading and import operations in Mumbai, India. We have successfully developed a global network of dependable suppliers with an unparalleled track record of reliability, authenticity, market knowhow and financial capabilities. Our commitment to a steadfast quality is backed by the support of our sister concern Risa Overseas having talented and dedicated staff and a solid reputation in the recycling industry.

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  • DBS Heritage House,Prescott Street, Fort,
    Mumbai, Maharashtra,
    India - 400 001
  • Cell: +91-99785-28444
  • trade@metasia.in

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