The brand “RISA” devotes itself in supplying and delivering metal scrap to clients with superior quality services. Our business practice in metal scrap industry covers the enlisted services to clients:

  • We function as an importer and exporter of Ferrous – Non Ferrous Metal Scrap and various other types of scraps.
  • We are a key trader of metal scrap and other types of scraps supplying as per market requirements.
  • We perform as Indenter and supply scrap based on precise client needs.
  • We operate as a scrap trader around the world including India, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, US, UK and various Middle East countries etc.
  • We facilitate clients in numerous countries with onsite inspection wherever our business associates are there.
  • We also act as a domestic market trader within India to aid minor clients who are not internationally allied.
  • We are a representative of a large number of metal scrap yards in many countries and we aspire to develop in this path.
  • We execute lasting association agreement and contract to develop our client base, also establishing a platform where metal scrap industry buyers and sellers and all those who are entailed are uniformly profited.
  • We also trade in domestic market within India helping smaller clients who are not really connected to global world.
  • We are agents of many metal scrap yards in different countries and we intend to keep growing in this direction.
  • We do long term collaboration agreement and contract to expand our client base and create a win -win situation platform buyers and sellers of metal scrap.


About Us

Met Asia Pvt. Ltd. is an entrepreneurial metal scrap trading company with extensive ferrous and non-ferrous metal trading and import operations in Mumbai, India. We have successfully developed a global network of dependable suppliers with an unparalleled track record of reliability, authenticity, market knowhow and financial capabilities. Our commitment to a steadfast quality is backed by the support of our sister concern Risa Overseas having talented and dedicated staff and a solid reputation in the recycling industry.

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  • DBS Heritage House,Prescott Street, Fort,
    Mumbai, Maharashtra,
    India - 400 001
  • Cell: +91-99785-28444
  • Cell: +91-99785-29444

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